As part of our Roof Replacement service, we generally replace all of the skylights.  Most of the time they are over 10 years old, and the newer skylights are far more energy efficient.  But even if you don’t need a new roof, you could have outdated or leaking skylights.  Or maybe you want to add a skylight to a room in your home.

Scro’s Roofing Company can replace existing skylights or install new ones.  We will come out and review options with you, and give you a detailed proposal for the work.  Once you accept the proposal, we’ll order the materials and then schedule a time for the work.VELUX_hi


I have a room in my house that never gets any natural light, could you add a skylight?

  • Yes, however it all depends on a site visit from one of our service technicians to determine if it can be properly installed.

I am considering replacing my existing roof, should I also consider replacing my existing skylights at the same time?

  • Yes, we highly suggest replacing any existing skylights at the time of the new roof installation. For many reasons, one the seals are more than likely showing signs of wear and deterioration. Secondly the newer skylight designs are better built and have improved Low-E tempered glass which in more energy efficient than the old skylights.

What is Low-E glass?

  • More and more skylights are being made of Low-E (for low emissivity) glass. Low-E glass was originally developed for energy efficiency, but it has the additional benefit of blocking heat gain as well as heat loss through a skylight. It provides a very comfortable light without darkening the skylight such as in the use of tinted glass. Either tempered glass or laminated glass can have a Low-E feature included. There is also Low-E2 (or Low-E squared) for even greater benefits. It is a denser version of Low-E which is slightly darker in appearance and was designed for even greater thermal efficiency.


If you have any questions on skylight installations feel free to call (919) 461-0937