20 Years Ago

scrosroofing Danny's Thoughts

So as you probably already know that Scro’s Roofing Company is celebrating 20 years this year.  Yep that’s right in 1995 we first started business right here in Raleigh, NC.  It’s kind of fun to look back and see all the great things we have been through in 20 years.  We thought it would be fun to also see who and what things have been around as long as we have.  So here are a few things we found, we thought it was fun remembering back.

  1. Nintendo 64 first hit the market in 1995piece_of_birthday_cake_with_20_candles_fil0393
  2. Starbucks “Frappuccino” came out with the original 2 flavors coffee & mocha
  3. The DVD, Really??
  4. The Disney movie “Toy Story” Sheriff Woody Rocks!
  5. Amazon first hit the internet in 1995
  6. eBay, wow look at them now

Just a few of the great companies, products and a movie sharing this 20 year bench mark with us.  I will tell you it has been a great 20 years and we so much look forward to many more.  We will continue to strive and exceed our goals and ambitions to be the greatest roofing company in Raleigh.  We again Thank You all so much for all you have done by sharing your experience and kind words with all your neighbors, co-workers and friends.  It’s you that makes this company great and we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Now grab a fork and let’s eat some cake!