5 Tips for Assessing and Handling Storm Damage to Your Roof

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Have you suffered damage to your roof as a result of a storm in your area?

Just getting through a storm safely can be a challenge. But it can also be hard to handle the roof damage left behind long after the storm has passed.

But how should you assess the damage to your roof after a storm?

Read on to learn 5 tips for what to do to handle roof damage caused by a storm!

1. Perform a Visual Inspection

After the storm has passed and you have made sure everyone is safe, you should perform a visual inspection of your roof damage.

This includes walking your property to look for any areas that have been damaged by the storm. It’s important that you do this carefully, as there may be debris or power lines that have fallen in your yard and pose an active danger.

As you walk your property, pay attention to the different areas of your roof that have been damaged. You should also look for gutter problems that could create drainage problems for your roof.

2. Document The Damage

You should document the roof damage so you can show this to your insurance claims adjuster or a roofing company.

When you perform your visual inspection, you should take numerous pictures that document the damage. You should also consider taking video footage of your property so that the viewer can see everything that exists, including shingle damage.

Lastly, you should take notes about the different dates and times that you identify issues with your roof and gutter system. This will help you explain the issues to someone else after some time has passed.

3. Identify Any Emergency Issues

Your visual inspection should not be limited to only the exterior of your property. You should walk around the inside of your home or office to look for any areas where they may be water entry.

If you see any light coming through your ceiling, these can be a major problem for water entry. This water can not only ruin your drywall and ceiling, but it can also cause mold if left unattended.

If you see any areas of your roof that create an emergency issue, these should be documented and addressed as soon as possible.

4. Consider Your Options

After you have looked over your property to see your roof damage, you should consider your options to fix these issues.

If you have roof insurance, you should reach out to your insurance company to report the claim. If the storm damaged a lot of homes and offices in your area, you should be diligent in reporting your claim. This way you are near the front of the line to have your claim handled by your insurance company.

If you don’t have property insurance on your building, you should consider reaching out directly to a roofing company in your area.

5. Hire The Best Roofing Company

The best roofing company in your area will be honest, experienced, and fair.

You should spend time considering your options and speaking to trusted friends and family members about your situation.

An experienced roofing company will be familiar with how to best handle your roof damage. They will also spend time to explain how they repair the roof and different prices for their services.

You should beware of scam roofers who show up in areas with widespread damage and try to pressure you into signing contracts to perform work they aren’t licensed to do.

Assessing Storm Damage To Your Roof

Storm damage to your roof is a serious issue that you should not ignore.

Your roof is an important part of your home or office because it prevents water from penetrating the interior of your home.

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