Don Scro – Founder | Retired in 2011

In 1995 Don Scro started Scro’s Roofing Company right here in Raleigh, NC.  Don originally lived in Chicago, IL before settling in his new North Carolina home.  Over the years Don built a company based on trust, dependability and knowledge of the roofing trade.  He was admired by all of our customers around the Triangle area to be the roofer to call.  His everyday hard work on the roofs led this company where it is today.  Don built a foundation that can withstand the growth and vertical direction this company is heading for in the years to come.  Don built solid relationships with local realtors, home owners and other community neighbors that had Scro’s Roofing Company on speed dial.  Don was the old school roofer they do not make anymore and thanks to him we hold his values close and carry on the legacy that he so proudly built.

Don has fully retired with his wife Mary and they spend the much needed time resting and seeking out the retirement journey the Lord has them on.  Don visits the Raleigh area from time to time stopping by the office and checking in with all of us.  We miss him a lot, but we know that everyday we answer the phones we make him proud to continue what he started.

It is with great joy that I can see the company I started grow and continue to serve the Raleigh Triangle area with quality roofing services. I Thank you all for the trust you place in all of us at Scro’s Roofing.Don Scro