Apples To Apples

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 Are You Choosing an Apple, Orange or a Lemon?

Apples to Apples estimates, more like apples to oranges in most cases.  This topic is probably one of the most frustrating issues for both the homeowner and the roofing company.  It has been my experience for many years that when a customer calls me to go over the roofing proposal we just submitted to them the prices are all over the board.  This is due to many factors let me try and explain a few for you.  First Issue: Our roofing industry in Raleigh, NC are filled with a few bad “Apples” you need to try and pick out of the orchard.  That being said just make sure you really do your due diligence and comb through the internet and make sure they are very reputable company. “Not all roofing companies are the same in fact behind closed doors you would be shocked of the huge difference between them.” For instance; HoiStock-apple-and-orange1w long have they been in business but better yet how long have they been doing “good” business?  what about the employees?  most roofing companies do not even have roofing employees, they subcontract out the work, now who is installing your roof?  These sub-contractors are paid by the square on your roof which equates to the faster they work the more money they make.  It has always puzzled me why homeowners are impressed with a fast roof installation. Now a BIG difference; Insurance Oh Yeah this is huge!  Most roofing companies you probably are considering do not have the proper insurance to operate a roofing company.  The General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance is Thousand yes Thousand of dollars per year.  Actually the biggest cost of our business is our insurance policies.  After all we are one of the highest insurance codes due to the dangerous nature of our trade.  These are the Apples to Oranges cost differences you do NOT see when comparing new roofing estimates.  A homeowner should be more concerned about this issue even more than the warranty of the roofing products being used.  There is way to much focus on a charming sales pitches than the reality of dangers that can happen from roofing contractors not disclosing the full truth.

Second Issue: Are the materials. Unless you plan on inspecting every single product delivered to your home and getting up on the roof  and inspecting the materials you are probably going to be surprised.  There are so many ways for the roofing contractor to not specifically call out the exact detailed materials that are to be used.  Most times they will just call out the main shingle manufacture and product line.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg, they most commonly will use the cheapest of the balance of the roofing system materials.  Which are sometimes even more important than just the shingles themselves.  That is exactly why at Scro’s Roofing Company our new roof estimate is 5-7 pages long in depth with exact manufacture specifications and all products spelled out in detail.  That way you know exactly what you are getting and can feel positive that your whole entire roof system is the best quality it can be.

                                                              Third Issue: We commonly see is waste of time “Sales Pitch Meetings”!  When you call us at Scro’s Roofing Company we actually do not even come out to waste your time in a meeting to tell you how greaJLt we are and why you should select us blah, blah, blah.  Don’t take this the wrong way we would love to come out to meet you and discuss your new roofing needs.  We would rather just do this after we submit to you a detailed new roof proposal, here is what we do.  We use a very high tech satellite measuring software kinda like Google Maps on steroids!  We can zoom in and see just about every detail of your roof with precise measurements.  This allows us to get the info we need to submit to you a new roof estimate without getting up on your already old failing roof.  After we email our new roof estimate to you which explains every single detail of what we are proposing with your new roof installation.  Than we would love to meet with you and answer any questions you might have, look over your entire roof with. No high pressure sales tactics and taking all the sales pitch jargon out of the meeting.  We would rather focus on the details and questions you have than take up your time telling you why you  need to choose us.  See I hope you all understand a little better about how more times than not what looks like an Apple is probably an Orange or even sometimes a well dressed fancy talking Lemon.  There are real issues that as a homeowner you need to be concerned with.  We hope that this can help you with choosing your roofing contractor wisely and carefully.  You deserve to have a great roof on your home protecting your most precious gift in life; your family.