Choosing a Shingle Color

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5 Tips on Shingle Color Selection

Once you’ve picked out your roofing contractor and decided the type of shingles that will go on your new roof, now you’ll need to pick a color. Each manufacturer or brand of shingles offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. The roof can be the most prominent feature of your home – which makes color selection that much more important.

Some of our customers (bless them) know exactly what color they want from the very start. But since a New Roof Replacement is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment, most of our customers take their time on shingle color selection. Unlike painting a room or installing new shutters, your roof color is a long-term permanent selection. A little daunting…right?! Let’s make it easy, shall we?

Top 5 Shingle Color Selection Tips:

1. Get a catalog and/or sample board from your roofing contractor. This is your first line of attack to browse the different colors offered by your shingle manufacturer. Some customers prefer to hold up the catalog or sample board to their roof or house and see how the different colors mesh. By getting a sample board, you’ll be able to see the detailed color mixing of different selections (for example: Landmark Colonial Slate may look like a variegated grey from the street, but there’s actually bits of red in the shingle which makes brick homes pop!).LM heatherblend_Fotor

2. Curb Appeal: Go with a color that will put a spotlight feature on your homes assets. For instance if you have a white house with red shutters, a black or light grey roof would be stunning. Take into consideration all of the existing colors on your home and find a shingle color that would accent those colors. Also take into consideration what colors your neighbors may have or homes with similar colors. Don’t be afraid to make a statement but also keep in mind future renovations or upgrades to the home. Sometimes classic colors are the safest option!

3. Local Addresses: Take a Roof Tour! Scro’s Roofing Company has served areas like Raleigh and Cary for 20 years. We have accumulated quite an address book of our roof colors. Once you’ve been able to narrow down to a few different colors, ask and we’ll send you on a Roof Tour of homes in those colors near your house.

4. Internet search. Visit the manufacturer’s website, Google the shingle color images, check on social media (Facebook, Pinterest). Scro’s Roofing’s Facebook has a large amount of photos of roofs we have done with type and color of shingles. Scro’s Roofing also has a color portfolio on our website.

5. Go with your gut: If you’ve been teetering between two different colors but are afraid to make the final decision, go with your gut reaction. You know your homes colors the best! Feel free to send over a photo of your home to us and we can help with suggestions. Remember- your roofing contractor will need your shingle color selection to be able to place your material order.

Scro’s Roofing Company offers top shingle brands like CertainTeed Landmark and Landmark PRO & GAF Timberline HD–you’ll be making a sharp statement with your new architectural shingles that will not only raise your curb appeal and value of the home, but also keep you dry for a lifetime.