Don’t Void Your Warranty!

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Don’t Void Your Roofing Warranty

A warranty is a contract between you and your roofing company or the manufacturer of your roofing material. It binds the contractor or manufacturer to pay replacement costs for materials and/or labor. However, it also binds you to certain conduct that ensures the roof has the best chance of living up to the standards promised by the contractor or manufacturer.

Every warranty is a little different. To understand your roofing warranty, it’s important to read it in detail and make sure you get all your questions answered about the terms of your warranty. However, here are a few of the most common ways that you can void a roofing warranty.

 Did You Hire A Poor Installer

Manufacturers have very specific guidelines about how they want their roofing material installed. If roofing installation fails to follow those guidelines, a manufacturer’s warranty may be void before your roof is even fully installed. Improper ventilation, poor fastening, and inappropriate decking (the layer under the roofing shingles) are some of the most common ways roofing contractors void warranties.

Select a roofing contractor who is familiar with the roofing material, has experience installing it, and has installers trained or certified by the manufacturer. This will give you the best chance of ensuring your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

Don’t Modify Your New Roof

The next most common way that people void their warranty is by modifying their roof by installing additional equipment after the roof has been installed. This includes antennas, pipes, ventilation, solar panels and more. It may also include modifications to the way the roof system works, such as by changing your roof to a hot roof system.

Before any modifications are made to your roof, check with your installer and manufacturer to determine whether or how the modifications can be made without voiding your warranty.

Poor Roofing Maintenance

Finally, it’s important to properly care for your new roof to ensure the warranty remains in effect. Inspect your roof regularly and remove any debris that can cause progressive damage. Report problems as soon as they appear to you so the contractor or a manufacturer’s representative can inspect it for warranty purposes and order appropriate roofing service and repair.

Avoid maintenance techniques that can actually damage your roof. One of the most common mistakes is to use a pressure washer on an asphalt shingle roof. Although you may be trying to remove mold buildup that can damage the roof, a pressure washer is as bad a cure as the disease.

At Scro’s Roofing Company, we offer strong warranties and work with manufacturers to make sure their warranties remain valid—and with proper installation and maintenance we believe you’ll never need them. With over 20 years installing roofs in the Raleigh area, we have a reputation that is its own warranty.

For more information on roofing warranties, please contact Scro’s Roofing Company today.