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Benefits of Drip Edge

Let’s talk about why Drip Edge provides your roof proper water drainage. At Scro’s Roofing Company, we don’t expect you to be a roofing expert to understand the materials that are installed on your roof. Having been in the Raleigh Roofing industry for 23+ years, we want to make sure our viewers and customers have accurate informational resources at their fingertips.

One of the top quality products Scro’s Roofing offers on our GAF Timberline HD New Roofs is Drip Edge.

  • What is Drip Edge? Drip Edge is a 1.5″x1.5″ piece of aluminum that sits underneath the edge of the roofing fascia board and rakes under the edge of the shingles. Towards the base of the drip edge, there is an outward angled lip that helps guide and prevent water from penetrating your home. Think of it as the “middle man” between the shingles and your gutter.
  • With Drip Edge Installed: With drip edge installed, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that any rain water, melting snow/ice, are properly guided towards the edge of your roof into the gutter. Our drip edge slightly overhangs into your gutters so water flows directly into the gutter channel.
  • Without Drip Edge Installed: If drip edge is not installed, you run the risk of water flow slowing down and possibly causing damage to your roof. Water can penetrate behind gutters which can cause leaking and rotting of wood trim and worse house framing.
  • Gutters: Before or After? We recommend having professional gutter installation done before the roof is installed. Once your gutters have been installed, we install the Drip Edge flush with the inner back of gutter edge which ensures proper water drainage and seal.

Scro’s Roofing Company uses black, white or brown drip edge. The black drip edge is the most commonly used on our roofs and gives a fantastic thick shadow affect to the edges.

  • The beautiful new roof below on the Left is located in Cary, NC. We used GAF Timberline HD Color: Pewter Grey with the Black Drip Edge.
  • The picture to the right is how we install the drip edge into the gutter system underneath the starter course and bottom first shingle course.


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