Hand-Nailed vs. Gun-Nailed Roofs

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Hand-Nailed vs. Gun-Nailed Roofs: Which Do You Want Over Your Head?

Nowadays, we like things to happen quickly. From our morning coffee to the results of a test to our internet connections, we expect speed. We love speed.

Unfortunately, speed can lead to inaccuracy. Sometimes, that doesn’t matter. If a speedy barista screws up your coffee order, you can ask for another one (as long as you haven’t left yet). Of course, you lose the benefit of the speed at that point, but at least it’s an inexpensive correction.

However, sometimes inaccuracy as a result of speed can cause enormous inconvenience and expense, and that’s the case when it comes to roofing.

Gun-Nailed Roofs

There are a couple of benefits to having a gun-nailed roof. The roof will likely be completed more quickly, and you might save some money because the roofers won’t be working as long. It also pays to note that both gun and hand nailing are acceptable as per manufacturer specifications.

However, inaccuracy is a major problem with using a nail gun. The nails can go in crooked or too deep (Over Penetration), resulting in leaks, shingles falling and roof damage. You might end up shelling out more money to fix the roof you thought you already fixed!

Hand-Nailed Roofs

This Q&A on Angie’s List points out that “many highly rated roofers on Angie’s List tell me their preferred method is to hand nail roofs.” The precision you can achieve by hand is worth the extra time and labor, and a skilled roofer can still work fairly quickly by hand.

At Scro’s Roofing Company, we use the old-school method of hand-nailing to ensure accuracy and precision in order to meet our own high standards for roofing and to deliver a roof that lasts you for years. While the manufacturers demand a minimum of four nails on each shingle, we use four – six; with 23 years of roofing experience, you know we’re handy with that hammer! Our roofers are certified and highly trained, and each nail they use on your roof will be expertly placed and driven. Whether you need a small repair or a brand new roof, contact us to get started.