How Many Layers Of Shingles Do I Have?

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Determining How Many Layers Your Roof Has

It is very common that older homes inside the Raleigh beltline often have two layers of shingles on their roofs.  In fact we have seen asphalt shingles installed over old wood shake roofs.  Or better yet we have seen up to four layers of roofing on a home. First layer was the original tin roof.  Second layer was plywood over tin and shingles installed. Third layer was another layer of asphalt shingles. Finally the forth layer was wood shakes, Not kidding it was crazy!  Needless to say we declined the job due to excessive cost and restructuring the roof.  Not to mention the siding on the walls were buried 3″ deep in old roofing materials.

You can call Scro’s Roofing Company out to inspect your roof and we can determine how many layers of roofing materials you might have on your roof.