Key To Our Quality Roofs

scrosroofing Danny's Thoughts

We don’t do new construction, where 95% of the day is installing new shingles. If we did new construction, we would not be so great at re-roofing. In re-roofing, half our day is prep work: removing roofing, installing flashing, inspecting why the old roof had failed in the first place.

We tend to have a little bit more experienced crews because we are seeing what was done wrong on these roofs that were installed. A lot of times roofers in our area advertise that they do any roof in a day. They’ll show up with 20 guys in some vans and have it done by 2 o’clock. Why people think that is a good thing is beyond me.

The truth to this strategy is that these 20 guys are being paid by the square and have a huge motive to fly through the roofing installation process, making more mistakes and missing the real details of a quality roof installation.

At Scro’s Roofing Company we do the exact opposite, we pay each of our crew members by the hour, we train them in exact detail of how to install the shingles per the manufacture specifications. They are encouraged to take their time, pay close attention to the details and make sure the roof is installed correctly. We also hand nail the entire roof making sure we are right on the money with the critical nail placement.

This is why when you see one of our finished new roofs, it looks superb and better yet will last for many years to come. We do it right, all the time, no cutting corners, no cheap products, just old school roofing with a huge passion for quality and customer service!