New Roof in Cary

scrosroofing Roof Installation

10897923_786525298080385_1634399295355383447_n Our first 2015 beautiful new roof in Cary, NC that we completed.  The customer had selected CeratinTeed Landmark Color: Moire Black.  What you can’t see are also the 7 new VELUX skylights we added to the back of the house. Five of them was in the homes beautiful sun room and two of them in the master bath.  The new VELUX skylights looked great and also brought in tons more natural light than the old bubble style skylights that were installed before.

We also use a new style drip edge and we had chosen black as the color.  This adds a very nice thick roofing edge look along with a shadow effect to the edges of the entire new roof.  All the neighbors were walking by and admiring the new roof we were installing.  Additionally we use a edge to edge new ridge vent to properly ensure all air is exhausted out from the attic evenly.

If you live in Cary, NC and are looking for a new roof, call us today at 919-461-0937 and we would love to meet with you and provide you a free estimate for a new roof.