Roof Inspections For Realtors

Buyers who want a dream home know that nothing can kill the dream faster than a bad inspection report. Inspection reports are necessary to protect buyers from obtaining a property that will end up causing problems and costing money down the road. Roof inspections are one part of an inspection report that buyers should pay close attention to. The health of a property’s roof speaks volumes regarding the health of the entire home. Sellers who have neglected their roofs have probably neglected other aspects of their homes, too. We have conducted countless roof inspections for local realtors who trust the opinion of the Scro’s Roofing name.

Our Roof Inspections Start at $600.00 for 2,500 Heated Sq. Ft. Home 2-Story and Go up from there.  We typically need a 1-Week notice.  Call us for an Estimate we can usually quote it over the phone 919-461-0937

Roof Inspections Vs. Home Inspections

A home inspection is not a roof inspection. When buyers and their real estate agents write an offer on a property, the offer is usually contingent on a home inspection at the buyer’s expense. However, most home inspectors will not perform a full certified roof inspection. They may visually assess the roof from the ground or climb up a ladder and perform a closer visual inspection, but that is as far as the process goes. A visual inspection of a roof, especially on a home that is several decades old, cannot possibly tell buyers all they need to know about the health of the roof.

Aspects of a Certified Roof Inspection

According to the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCA), “Roof deficiencies are the most common problem report


ed by home inspection associations.” That is why it is crucial that buyers include a certified roof inspection as part of their offer. These assessments, when completed by a certified inspector, will go beyond visual assessments. A typical roof assessment includes testing for unnatural movement, the condition of the shingles, and the health of the flashing. If the roof is unhealthy, the inspector issues a list of repairs that should be made to keep the roof from causing serious problems. If the roof is healthy, the inspector will give an estimate based on the current condition of the roof regarding how long the roof should last.

Roof Inspection Considerations

 When inspecting the roof, a certified inspector bases the assessment on certain factors. He considers the roofing materials, the age of the roof, the pitch of the roof, and any previous repairs. All those factors matter for various reasons. The age and roofing materials matter because certain roofs, like wooden shake roofs, tend to sway underfoot at an earlier age than roofs made of different materials. That doesn’t mean the roof is in bad condition. It is simply acting as that style of roof should at its current age. The pitch matters because some inspectors charge more if the pitch is extremely steep.

A Certified Roof Matters

If you are buying a new home, having a certified roof assessment is important. A certified inspection performed by a qualified inspector gives buyers peace of mind. A roof is expensive to replace. When buyers have the roofs certified, they gain a deeper knowledge of potential problems, and they can have it certified for up to five years. The purpose of inspections is to identify problems, make repair recommendations, and provide buyers with an estimate of the roof’s life expectancy. This informational is invaluable to a buyer getting ready to put money into a real estate deal.

Sellers Order Roof Inspections

Sometimes the seller will be advised by the agent to have the roof inspected and certified before listing the home. This can help in selling an older property that will compete with newer ones. Older homes can be a blessing and a curse for buyers. These homes allow buyers to get into desirable neighborhoods at a lower cost but can also create financial burdens when it comes time to replace high-priced items like 30-year-old roofs. If a seller can show a potential buyer that the roof is in certifiable condition, the property because instantly more attractive.

Roof inspections provide valuable information about the health of a roof. Nothing can sour a real estate deal more than a roof that begins to leak three weeks after you move in. If a seller does not provide a roof certification when selling the home, buyers should include this as part of the home inspection process. Whether you are buying or selling, don’t let the roof kill your real estate deal. By making smart choices, everyone wins.