Roof Repairs

SCRO’S ROOFING COMPANY offers both repair and replacement services.  You may already know you only need a roof repair because your roof is leaking but it’s not that old, or you may not be sure.  Whether you call us for a repair or replacement, our estimator and technicians will be able to advise you on what will be best for your specific situation.  This section contains information on roof repairs, and you can refer to our New Roof section for information on having your roof replaced.

CAUTION – beware of door-to-door roof or other home repair companies!  Not all are dishonest, but we’ve heard many stories from customers about how someone came to their door and told them they had a roofing issue requiring several hundred dollars to repair.  The homeowner didn’t have any interior symptoms, and we went out and found no problem at all.   We also heard from other customers that they had a service company doing other work on their home, and that company told them they had a big roof problem and gave them a rather large estimate.  In one case we found the roof had actually been cut, and thankfully it was a small repair.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard most of these stories from elderly homeowners and single moms.  So if someone comes to your door to sell any type of home service, ask them for references and check them out before allowing them to do any work.  Get a second estimate from a reputable roofing company.  And help watch out for your neighbors – please pass this word of caution along!


Our repair technicians can perform repairs on asphalt shingle roofs.  We can also clean and seal brick chimneys.  For the most part, if your problem is on or near Raleigh-Roofing-Cary-Roofingyour roof, we can take care of it.  And if we don’t feel we can do the job, we’ll let you know – we won’t bid on something we don’t have the expertise to do well.

When you contact us, we schedule a time for our repair technician to come out and investigate your problem.  While we’re there, upon request we will also look over other areas of your roof to see if we notice any other problems.  Once we’ve completed our evaluation, we will give you a detailed estimate of the work we recommend, and then only schedule the work after you have approved the estimate.  Once the work has been completed and you approve it, payment is due to our repair technician if you are home, or we will send you an invoice.

Since most roofing problems require us to see the symptoms inside the home as part of our diagnosis, we require the homeowners to be home when we come for the repair estimate.  That way we can be sure to get to the root of the problem and not just address the symptoms.  If we do the work at another time, you won’t need to be home when we come back out.

One last note – we always welcome calls from people who want us to check their roof because they think they may have a roofing problem.  If no problem is found, we charge a nominal service call fee to cover our cost to come out.

Roof Repair FAQs

  1. How do I choose a reputable roof repair company?
  • Ask friends, co-workers and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Check the BBB and see how the company is rated.
  • Check online reviews and ratings.
  • Ask questions – a reputable roofing company will be able to explain the problem and what they will do to fix it so that you can understand
  1. What is the average cost of a roof repair?
    • There really isn’t an average cost, but from our experience, most repairs are under $500 if the problem is diagnosed and corrected early enough.  As with our replacement estimates, each repair estimate is custom to your specific needs and will contain sufficient detail so you understand the work we propose to do.
  2. How quickly can someone come out if I have a roof leak?
    • Generally, we can come out within 1-2 business days.  We prioritize our work based on both when you call and the severity of your problem.
  3. Is there anything I can do when it’s raining and water is dripping in?
    • If you can get into your attic, placing a bucket under the drip is the best solution.  If leaking around a plumbing pipe, place a towel over plastic around the bottom of the pipe.   Otherwise, place a bucket under the drip until it stops raining and a roofer can come out and address the problem.
  4. Do you offer emergency service?
  • At this time we don’t officially offer emergency service during off business hours.  But please call our office at any time, and if we are available we’ll most definitely come out!