Roof Maintenance

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A roof replacement isn’t a small investment, so we encourage you to keep your roof maintained and in good working order to prolong the life of the roof.  The first step of a good roof maintenance program is the Roof Inspection.  Basically, this is a combination of a surface inspection of the roof surface (roofing contractor), and a visual inspection from the ground and from inside the attic (homeowner).

The next step is to keep all gutters and your roof surface free from debris.  Most common debris in our area is pine needles.  When piles of pine needles and leaves are left on the roof for several months or longer, water can back up and find its way underneath the shingles or behind your gutter and cause rotting of the roof deck and fascia.  Once that happens you are looking at a more costly roof repair.


SCRO”S ROOFING COMPANY now offers a roof maintenance program.  We come out and inspect your roof for problems, address any small problems that only require caulking, clean the debris off your roof, and clean all debris from your gutters and down spouts (we do not remover gutter guards or reinstall gutter guards.  We also mark your account as a yearly maintenance account and you will receive priority service when scheduling future repairs.  If more extensive repairs are required, we will give you a detailed estimate and gain your approval before any other work is performed. The average cost of this Roof Maintenance Service is $200.00 per year and includes Two visits to your home, (1) visit in the spring after pollen and (1) visit in the late Fall after the leaves have fallen from the trees.

The price for this service also depends on the size, complexity, pitch, and height of your roof.  Please contact our office for additional information on this service.  Our office will give you an approximate price based on a general description of your home, and then our roof repair & service technician will give you a firm price when they come out.raleigh-roof-maintenance-scros-roofing


  1. How often should I have maintenance performed on my roof?
    • If your home is surrounded by trees and your roof is often covered with debris, we recommend you have it maintained twice per year.  Otherwise annual maintenance will be sufficient.
  2. Do you do gutter repair?
    • Sometimes, if the repair is minor.  Major gutter repairs, new gutter installations, or cleaning out the downspouts requires specialized equipment.  Call our office and we’d be glad to refer you to quality local contractors.
  3. Can I perform my own roof maintenance?
  • We encourage you to do a visible inspection of your roof from the ground and from your attic (if accessible) a few times a year.  But unless you can safely and easily access your roof, we encourage you to contact a roofing professional for all roof surface inspections and maintenance.


  • Gutter cleaning is a serious task. When gutters clog water back flows in to the home potentially causing wood rot, mold, mildew, eroded foundations, bug dirty-gutters_fullinfestation and a multitude of other undesirable situations.

“Keeping your gutters clean of debris is important to prevent water damage to your home.”

  • If you have gutter guards you still might need to inspect that any wind have not blown them out of their proper position and allowing debris to still fall into the gutter and clog them. There are a vast variety of gutter guards on the market we suggest doing your due diligence to choose the best gutter guard for your homes need.