Roof Maintenance

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Roof Maintenance

After the buzz of having a new roof installed from Scro’s Roofing Company, all that’s left to do is sit outside in a lawn chair and accept glowing compliments from your neighbor’s on how great it looks…right? Well, you’ll get that by using Scro’s Roofing- but don’t forget about what happens after the roof installation. We know it’s easy to forget about your roof. In the long run, if you’re not thinking about your roof it probably means it’s performing as it should without leaks or missing shingles.

Just like you send your car in for yearly maintenance, your roof needs maintenance attention too. While we recommend a reputable Raleigh Roofing Company to do any roof-side maintenance, here are a few things you can do to prolong your new roof’s life from the ground:

What you can do to prolong your new roof’s life:

  1. Control Roof Debris: Keep an eye out for rubbing tree limbs against the roof and over sized trees producing pine needles or leaf matter build up. Call an Arborist to trim back any limbs or remove large trees near the perimeter of the home.
  2. Critter Control: Trees act as a “critter highway” to your beautiful new roof. Roaming critters such as squirrels and raccoons love to chew on shingles which eventually cause leaks. Keep limbs trimmed back from the roof line.
  3. Basic Visual Inspection: From the ground, do a quick walk around to see if anything looks out of place on the roof and call for repairs promptly. Look for missing shingles, tree damage, debris build up, dark spots etc.
  4. Clean your Gutters! Debris can build up in your gutters which can cause water to go back into your soffits and possibly lead down into your siding and drywall. This is a far too common issue.

Be Proactive!

At Scro’s Roofing Company we think about your roof so you don’t have to. With over 20 years in the Raleigh Roofing industry we know that Roof Maintenance is a proactive action that will prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Schedule a Bi-Annual Roof Maintenance Visit from Scro’s Roofing Company!

We blow off all roof debris, clean the gutters and perform a full roof inspection. We come out just after the pollen in the Spring and after all the leaves have fallen at the end of Fall.

Keep your new roof clean and keep those neighbors flapping their mouth about your beautiful new roof!

Call Scro’s Roofing Company at 919-461-0937 where we treat each roof like our own!