Roof Safety First

scrosroofing Roof Safety

At Scro’s Roofing Company we take “Roof Safety” very serious.  We comply with all local North Carolina and OSHA Fall Protection Standards along with some of our own very stringent Safety standards.  We have a Full Detailed and Written “Fall Protection Policy” in place and is followed on every roof we install.  Each one of our employees have received, read, signed and comply with these standards each and everyday.  We have a ZERO Tolerance in following our Safety Policy.  Some of the things we do; we wear Guardian safety harness’s with, a Weight Capacity of 310 lb.  We use 50 ft. Lifeline with a Shock Pack Positioning Device, 18 In. Extension Lanyard, Temper Roof Anchor with 16D Common Nails into your Roof Rafters, Harness has Back, Side and Front  D-Rings, Shoulder Strap Buckles Adjuster-Links, Chest Strap Buckles Pass Through, Leg Strap Buckles.  We use high grade ropes and reliable hardware design with 3600 lb. gate rated hardware.

We also use Ladder Stabilizers on all of our ladders for safety of not sliding off your roof and also to protect your gutters. We use 2″X6″ Safety Boards and Roof Jacks on steep 10/12 and over pitch roofs for additional safety.  We use safety glasses while cutting and roof decking that my be needed.  Hard hats for all ground crew, safety cones and caution tape for fall designated fall zones.  Our ground crew are also our safety eyes and ears for the roofing crew.  Their job is also to provide support so they can remain on the roof doing what they do best.  We have 2-Way Radio Communication from the Roofers to the Ground Crew.  These are just a few of the things we do at Scro’s Roofing Company to ensure our safety on your roof.

At the end of the day we realize we have one of the most dangerous jobs in the World.  Nobody cares more about keeping our employees safe on the Roofs than we do.  We are available for any “Roof Safety” questions you might have.