Roofing in 100 Degrees

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Underneath the blazing sun of Raleigh NC, our roofers are tearing off shingles and nailing on new asphalt shingles: just another day in the life for us folks at Scro’s Roofing Company.

Scro’s Roofing has been in the business for 20 years in Raleigh, NC and we know a thing or two about the blistering summer heat.  It’s approximately 200° on the average asphalt shingle roof surface temperature.  It’s is very hard to work in such hot weather but we hydrate the night before, drinking lots of water and going to bed early.  We highly encourage our employees to drink lots of water through out the day and take breaks every chance they get.

We don’t have to just deal with the debilitating heat, we also have to hurry to cover up the houses if and when one of those pesky summer storms pops up.  We would have wet insulation, wet sheet rock, and we’d be bringing in dehumidifiers and fans and it would be a disaster for us and our customers.

At Scro’s  Roofing Company we always take Safety serious and we sometimes get off the roof earlier than usual due to the high heat advisories.  We just do what we can to complete a few small roof sections and call it a day.  This sometimes can put a delay in our schedule but it is often necessary.

As a very reputable Raleigh Roofing Company you can be sure that we still maintain a high level of quality installation and care for our customers and your new roof installations.  The extreme heat nor anything else would never make us sacrifice the quality roofing we are known for.

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