Roofing in the Winter

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Can Roofing Be Done in the Winter?

Yes. Roofing can be done in the winter, but it has to be done right to make sure that it doesn’t result in problems.

Why We Worry Doing Roofing in the Winter

Most of the roofing concerns in the winter are due to the nature of our most common roofing material: asphalt shingles. Asphalt is a petrochemical whose properties change depending on temperature. When the weather is warm, it is more fluid, making the shingles soft and flexible, so they’re pretty resilient. In the winter, though, they become hard and brittle and may be easily damaged.

Fiberglass roofing is also more brittle in the winter, so it may be more likely to be damaged. In addition, tar, rubber adhesives, and flat asphalt roofs may be harder to replace because they depend on heat to bond and seal.

In addition, shorter working days make it harder to get the roof done quickly, which means you may spend more days without a roof on your home.

What We Do in the Winter and Colder Weather

You can avoid roofing problems associated with winter by choosing Scro’s Roofing Company for a few reasons such as. Our vendor stocks all of their inventory in huge warehouses not out side in the elements keeping the shingle at a more controlled temperature.  We also never install new shingle roofs below 30-32 degrees and look for days that are above freezing and warmer for a minimum 4 hours during shingle installation.  The biggest advantage to our new roof installation is that we only Hand Nail our new roofs.  This is less impacting on the shingle rather than a gun nail shot in with too much air pressure cracking the shingle.  We also use Propane Heaters if needed to help warm up the shingles during the roof tear off so they are nice and toasty for the new installation.  At any rate if we feel that your roof cannot be installed correctly and per manufacture specifications, we will NOT install it.  There is no one more concerned with your new roof more than we are.  Our reputation is on the line and we truly want to make you happy customer with a new roof that will last for years to come.

North Carolina Winters Are Good for Roofers

North Carolina actually makes roofing in the winter a reasonable proposition. Many of our winter days are sunny and dry. As a result, the roof, especially a south facing part of the roof, will be warm enough that there’s no concern about temperature leading to roofing material damage.

Because we don’t have much precipitation typically in the early part of the winter, it doesn’t matter too much that it may take more days to get your roof installed. There is less risk of precipitation than there is through most of the summer. But we will still make sure to cover your roof and keep it properly sealed, just in case.

We have more than 21+ years of experience in roofing. We know how to handle virtually any roofing problem. We have installed thousands of new roofs in Raleigh and have never had a roof fail due to our installation, never, ever! We Promise!

To learn more about having your roof installed in North Carolina in the winter and get a warm fuzzy feeling about our winter roofing methods, please contact Danny at 919-461-0937.