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scrosroofing Roof Repairs

Roofing Repairs, one of the most received calls we get into our office outside of our new roofing phone calls.  There are literally a ton of reasons you might have a leak in your roof or even sometimes somewhere else and you think it’s your roof.  A lot of times it’s the plumbing pipe boot flashing’s that are on you roof.  Usually the builder or other roofing companies that installed cheap plastic $5.00 pipe flashing’s.  “See the picture right here”. vent-boot-hdr-frame

At Scro’s Roofing Company we only use a very innovative new technology pipe flashing.  It is constructed of a powder coated metal base unit with a 20 year warranty and a tight fitting neoprene seal around the PVC plumbing pipe.  We also go one step further and use a 16″x16″ piece of ice and water shield cut around the PVC pipe tightly under the flashing with an NP-1 seal before installing the pipe flashing.  Then if that was not enough, we use a second neoprene collar placed on top of the first pipe flashing and seal that down to it.  You now have a squirrel safe, weather safe 3-ply protection on all your plumbing pipe flashing’s.

Let’s talk about the second biggest roofing repair issue we go on is “Chimney Leaks”.  Usually 90 times out of a 100 it is not a roofing leak.  On brick chimneys it usually always the brick masonry itself.  The brick can wick water in through the mortar joints, cracks or the  mortar bed on top of the chimney etc.  At the bottom where the roof meets the brick chimney this is how we do it at Scro’s Roofing Company.  We absolutely remove all the old counter flashing, step flashing, old shingles and underlayment. This ensures we have a clean and new surface to begin our work. First we use an ice and water shield wrap it up onto the brick chimney approx. 4″. We install a custom fabricated metal pan at the bottom of the chimney.  Than we install our shingles with every coarse installing a new piece of step flashing as we go up.  We than  install a custom fabricated metal pan at the top of the chimney. We seal all the step flashing and ice and water shield to the brick with an NP-1 sealer.  We than install our metal counter flashing and seal that with the NP-1. This is providing us a 4 layer leak protection at our brick chimneys.  That’s what you call old school quality and care!

Wood framed chimney’s with siding are done a little different as we do not remove or replace any siding or step flashing that has been already installed behind the siding.  This is sometimes a very difficult issue for us and we recommend you consult with a siding contractor to do this before installing your new roof.  Also in this same arena rotted wood siding, corner trim boards, window sills, window frames, etc. etc.  cause a numerous amount of what you think are roof leaks and are not.  Keep all this in mind when you hire someone to properly diagnose your leaks.

There are literally hundreds of little things that can cause leaks, but these are some of the biggest issues we run into all the time. If you have any further questions on any leaking on your home, Call Scro’s Roofing Company and we can help assist you in finding your issue.