We Use A Drone

scrosroofing Danny's Thoughts

Several advantages of using our drone:

  • First and foremost we are registered to fly our drone within the United States. We follow all FAA laws and regulations in operating our drone over roof tops.  Here is our FAA, UAS Certificate Number: FA3LFX4WRH
  • Our Drone uses a powerful HD 4K GoPro Camera mounted on the belly to capture amazing roofing detail.
  • The ability to have a LIVE URL Feed for our customers to see their new roofs being installed in real time.
  • Using our drone to inspect roof damage or roof condition is likely to be less/noninvasive.
  • Our drone pilot doesn’t have to drive to each house individually but, with GPS in the drones, we cover several blocks at a time.
  • Several drones could be in use at the same time in a neighborhood.drone.hdr.frame
  • Drones don’t slip off roofs that are being inspected, resulting in workers compensation claims.
  • Drones don’t need to set up and take down ladders to access the roof.
  • Less damage would be done to a roof as a drone would not need to make contact with the roofing surface.
  • There are certain roof structures (such as extraordinarily steep roofs or steeples on churches) that are difficult or impossible to access without special equipment that a drone would have no problem with.
  • No problem with a family dog that aggressively defends his/her territory.
  • Safety and Fall Protection accountability for our Safety Team to monitor our roofers on safety devices and policies etc.
  • No problem doing a roof inspection after a rainfall that made the shingles slippery and unsafe.
  • Our happy customers think it is really cool how we use our drones to give them birds eye views of their new roofs being installed. We have embraced this technology and have a leading edge over our competitors in the Raleigh Roofing industry.


Few Hurdles or drawbacks:

  • A drone may have trouble navigating between branches of trees that extend over a roof. (Some inspections will still have to be done by a human.)
  • A drone may have difficulty assessing how sturdy or rotten the underlying plywood and framing is because it is not being walked on.

*If you have any questions or concerns about our drone roofing technology please call our office at 919-461-0937